Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Blind-Obedience Myth

I really like this article by Michael Novak on Pope Benedict XVI and Andrew Sullivan.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Movie Combinations I'd Like to See: Bilbo Fett--Hobbit bounty hunter.

Readings for 12/1/2005

Some thoughts on today's readings:

Today's Gospel reading can be both a source of comfort and distress for us. On the one hand, it could hardly be more straightforward. Jesus tells us that we are like wise men if we hear His word and do it. He tells us we are like foolish men if we hear His word and do not do it.

The great comfort in this passage is that Jesus really does lay out the way for us to be wise. He shows us all that we need to do to survive amid the storms and trials that afflict us in life: Listen to His word, and do it.

The distressing element in this passage is that we so often fail to do all that He tells us. But even there we can take comfort, for we are His little flock. Thankfully, one of the things He tells us to do is seek forgiveness. We can turn to Him in our failings and weakness, and He will forgive and restore us.