Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Great Joy

I want to make a note today of the great joy in my life. I tend to
write in order to deal with problems. When life is going well then I
tend not to write.

I love my family! I look at my children and I am overwhelmed
with love. It just flows and wells up within me. I desire their
happiness, holiness and growth with my whole being.
Hektor, in book six of The Iliad, captures this feeling:

Then taking up his dear son he tossed him about in his arms, and
kissed him, and lifted his voice in prayer to Zeus and the other
immortals: `Zeus, and you other immortals, grant that this boy, who is
my son, may be as I am, pre-eminent among the Trojans, great in
strength, as am I, and rule strongly over Ilion; and some day let
them say of him: ``He is better by far than his father''
(emphasis mine)

It must be a tremendous burden to have children, love them like this,
and not know the Lord. I would have unrelenting anxiety if I did not
know that Jesus loved them even more than I do. I would go crazy with
fear for them. Thank you, Lord, for your love and care.

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