Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Trouble In Resolutionville

Well, we have some trouble here. It is already the second day of my resolution to write for ten minutes, and I don't want to do it! This means that I may just ramble on here with nothing at all to say. That would not be good, since I really do have things to say. I'm just too lazy to try to organize all of it. Make that: I'm just too lazy to try to organize any of it.

Haikus About Work and Children

When Nathan wakes up

at one or two or three

he cries until fed.

Work is great. My job

feeds my family. Reading

procedures is dull.

Amusing Ourselves To Death

I'm in the midst of a book with this title. It is a frighteningly lucid description of the way television has shaped the way we look at the world. The problem is not just the fact that people produce and broadcast bad TV shows. It is fundamental to the way the medium works. I will give a complete review when I'm done.

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