Friday, March 18, 2011

All War, All The Time

George Weigel presents a summary of the history of the struggle between Communist governments and the Catholic Church over the last century.

What I find amazing is the brutality and disregard for the truth exhibited by those that opposed the Church. It is frustrating, also, to see how many people where duped by them. Still, today, there is an amazing lack of appreciation for just how horribly evil those systems of government were. The Left in this country has not come to face the horrendous evil that it defended or excused and minimized.

Those of us who love the Church should also not be naive about how ruthless and unscrupulous Christ's enemies can be. And we must be equally aware that the way to defend the Church is with good. We must draw close to Christ, love Him with our whole hearts and our neighbors as ourselves. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, love will fuel holy lives while holy lives will strengthen love. Loving, even to the point of giving our lives, is how we will defend the Church and rescue those who are deceived.

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