Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Focus, focus, focus!

Today, has been a very difficult day to focus. I've been getting far too little sleep lately. I find it curious that when I am extremely tired at work, I don't have a hard time staying awake or working with the computer. The tiredness manifests itself in an inability (or at least unwillingness) to stay attentive to the task at hand.

When I am tired, I fiddle with my background image and cursors. I adjust the sounds my computer makes for its default beep. I repeatedly check e-mail, or see if there are new versions of utilities available for download.

I found it useful today to just spend the last hour of my time at work reading a new book on object-oriented programming. I will be posting a more thorough later. The book is by David West and titled Object Thinking. I'm about halfway through it and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Rather than complain about lack of sleep, I best head off to the land of Nod. God bless you all.

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