Wednesday, June 23, 2004

You Want The Culture of Death? You Can Find a Good Example In London

The subject is babies that survive abortion attempts and are born alive. This quote is stunning in its callousness and depravity (emphasis is mine).

Professor Thornton, of City Hospital, Nottingham, [apparently channeling Satan directly] said: "Once it is born, you can't kill the baby but the law doesn't say anything about to what degree you resuscitate it.

"The way it is dealt with is by sensible doctors and sensible nurses keeping it under their hat and allowing the baby to pass away peacefully."

Professor Campbell does not believe that a baby born in this way should be kept alive at all costs.

"What paediatricians do is spend resources keeping a baby that is going to die, alive. It is absolute nonsense. It does show that is up to us (obstetricians) to make sure the baby is not moving."

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