Thursday, November 10, 2005

Everyday Sanctity

I am reading Everyday Sanctity, a book recommended to me by Debbie A. It is very inspiring. The first part is talking about ways to sanctify our morning, as a means to begin a sanctification of the entire day. (Well begun is half done, and all that.)

This is a Schoenstatt book, and I find myself really growing in appreciation of three aspects of Schoenstatt:
  1. Its focus on growing in holiness, pouring out my life for God, through my responsibilities as father, husband, worker, and friend;
  2. Its practical nature; Not only does the Schoenstoatt movement encourage holiness in general, but provides a number of specific practices geared towards people living in families, in the world.
  3. The call to holiness is deep and "radical." This is not just an admonishment to be good or avoid serious sin. It is a call to live every moment with burning love for God, for the Church, for Mary, for our families. This call, if fully answered, can be as heroic and self-sacrificing as any other. More importantly, it is the call of God, and it is what He wants for us.

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